Lead Software Engineer (Python)

  • Be the reason MLB teams and baseball academies across the country call our product “magic”
  • Own Reboot’s back end infrastructure
  • Collaborate with frontend developers, coaches, designers, and more
  • Work from anywhere


Reboot Motion is on a mission to help others help athletes perform better.

We do this through our expertise in physics and biomechanics- delivering key insights that improve efficiency and maximize performance.

Our current focus is baseball. We have multiple MLB clients and academies around the country using our insights to get their pitchers to throw harder and batters to hit farther.

We are expanding both vertically into college and academy markets, and horizontally into other sports…and eventually larger markets like fitness and healthcare.

To complete our mission, we are looking for someone to: 1) design and implement project management processes 2) lead our API buildout and 3) ideate on new business opportunities.

In other words, we need a lead software engineer.


We have none.

Fine, we have a few.

An ideal candidate would have experience building and deploying stable applications using Python and tools such as Docker and Amazon Web Services. They may also have previous experience designing and building APIs.

Finally, an ideal candidate would be looking to grow into an eventual CTO (here or elsewhere) or start their own tech company someday.

In fact, rather than looking backward, see if you are a fit by checking out your ideal one-year review:


Over the past year, you’ve become our trusted partner. Your commitment to our mission, your comfort with ambiguity, and your bias towards action is apparent daily.

Your team built out our library of API endpoints, which are instrumental for our 1) customer-facing applications and 2) internal tools. They also improved the firm’s processing speed, security, and flexibility- all ensuring our 100% retention rate.

In other words, you allowed us to scale.

Because of your work, we process hundreds of thousands of movements per month and deliver skeletal data, processed data, optimization reports, and maintenance reports automatically.

More importantly, we:

  1. Increased our MLB footprint
  2. Entered new markets, and
  3. Built valuable partnerships with other leading sports tech.

When you started we had a problem. While our backend worked, it did not work as intended. We lacked the modularity and scalability we needed to make Biomechanics as a Service (BaaS) a reality. You changed that.

How did you do it? Here are a few of the key things we think helped get the job done:

  1. Your attention to detail. Pro teams are power users, and building a system that solves all their needs is no easy task.
  2. Your comfort with ambiguity. You know how to solve open-ended problems.
  3. Your desire to learn and teach. You are equally as happy learning about biomechanics as you are teaching us about software.
  4. Your knowledge of Python and AWS. That didn’t hurt either.

Congratulations on an outstanding first year with Reboot!


The Startup Benefits:

  1. Responsibility. Our goals are big…so are our problems.
  2. Growth. We are just over 2 years in and are already working with the world’s best athletes. We have tons of space to move vertically in baseball and horizontally across sports. This growth makes our profit-sharing more valuable every year and creates endless opportunities for new roles.
  3. Flexibility. Our team works from anywhere and enjoys unlimited PTO and sick leave.
  4. An environment to do great work. Read more about our culture goals here.

The Profitable, Boot-Strapped Benefits:

  1. Competitive compensation - check out how we think about comp.
  2. Annual profit sharing - check out how we split the pie.
  3. Financial peace of mind. We provide health insurance and 401(k) plans (with a match). While the work should change daily…your financial situation should not.


Email [email protected]

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