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Biomechanics as a Service (BaaS)Analyzing the flow of momentum.

We are the only company that has developed a momentum-based biomechanics software to analyze an athlete's movement and create a new kind of player development platform.

Measure what matters:momentum based biomechanics

For teams that want to go from 0 to 1 today. Reboot Motion is built on the philosophy that analyzing momentum is superior to analyzing velocity, as it controls mass and includes direction.Reboot Motion integrates with KinaTrax, Simi, Hawk-Eye, Uplift, and traditional marker motion capture data.


Coaching is bothart and science

We are laser focused on the science. Delivering the full picture of how an athlete moves, not simplifying things down to a single metric. Our philosophy is that analyzing momentum is superior to analyzing velocity, as it controls mass and includes direction.The best coaches will leverage the science we deliver with the art they know so well, to help athletes perform better.

Send us your datawe will deliver actionable biomechanics reports.

Rotation Plane

We calculate the tilt of this plane by looking at the direction of the momentum as the athlete accelerates each body part.

sequence chart


The most efficient way for an athlete to transfer that momentum is to have specific body parts reach their peak momentum in a specific order.


We analyze and calculate the amount of momentum generated in a direction by each body part at its peak.

momentum chart
balance chart


Balance is another section where momentum’s ability to account for direction shows up, allowing us to decipher between the force generated in the direction the athlete cares about and elsewhere.

Range of Motion

Range of motion shows us the joint angle trace over time and the ranges of motion used.

range of motion chart

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