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Reboot Motion is well on its way to becoming the dominant player in movement analysis in Major League Baseball. We built a robust pipeline that takes in 1) markerless motion capture data 2) marker data or 3) raw video and delivers 1) skeletal data 2) proprietary movement metrics and 3) actionable reports. The number of teams that consider us their partners is growing.

Still, we need help improving our core product—BaaS to MLB teams—and moving beyond it. Specifically, we need R&D help in a few areas:

  1. Making our MLB product better. We want to continually give more actionable insights into measuring what matters so teams can better develop and scout talent.
  2. Exploring new sports. Baseball is ahead of other US based team sports in using how data. We need to make inroads to understand what coaches care about in football, basketball, and elsewhere.
  3. Analyzing applications in larger markets like fitness and healthcare. Our stated goal is to build the world’s best movement analysis platform. This means having an impact beyond sports.

If you want to attack these areas with us, we’d love for you to keep reading:


Our Research Partner role has no requirements and no fixed tasks. Rather, we want to leave our door open to PhD students, post docs, professors, data scientists, and more to reach out.

If you think our pipeline, knowledge, and industry connections are a match with your background, interest areas, and skillset, please reach out with the following information.

Note: we do not expect this to be a standard full-time role, but rather a short-term or part-time position. If you are looking for full time roles, please check out our other open roles.


Below is a list of questions we think best start a discussion for a great R&D project. Please send all emails to [email protected] with 1) answers to the following and 2) your resume.

(We understand you may not know everything, so just give your best estimate or answer all that is applicable.)

  1. What are your current responsibilities and why are you looking for an additional project?
  2. What is your area of expertise? Possible answers include, but are not limited to, sports biomechanics, other types of biomechanics, machine learning, academic research, app development, etc.
  3. What work have you done in this area? We’d love to see examples.
  4. Where do you want to focus your research? What pain point do you want to solve? Possible answers include, but are not limited to, sports (or a specific sport), healthcare, fitness, etc.
  5. Do you have a specific research project in mind? If not, that is OK.
  6. How do you want to structure the relationship? Possible answers include, but are not limited to, contract/consulting work, JV, etc.
  7. How long do you want the project to last?
  8. How will this research help you in your career?

We are excited to read your answers and will be sure to reach out. If there is mutual interest, we can work to put together an R&D project that is a win for everyone.


The right mix of autonomy and support. We want our research partners to drive projects that interest them and support their career goals.

At the same time, we have a lot of resources to offer. We have deep relationships in pro baseball, academic biomechanics labs, sports tech companies, and more.

We also have a robust biomechanics processing pipeline that turns raw video or any type of motion data into easy to use skeletal data and movement metrics. In other words, we laid the foundation to make further research easier.

Finally, you’ll have direct access to our team for brainstorming. Whether it is a question on biomechanics, data, engineering, business, or something else, we are here.


Email [email protected]

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