Senior Biomechanist

  • Be Reboot’s main contact with multiple MLB teams
  • Teach and support leading amateur coaches across the country
  • Expand on Reboot’s research to deliver new products and build your personal brand
  • Work from anywhere


Reboot Motion is on a mission to help others help athletes move better.

We started in baseball, and now work with pro-organizations in MLB and the NBA—where we are quickly becoming the world’s best movement analysis platform.

But we need help.

We need someone to support our MLB and NBA partners. We need someone to build better infrastructure and tooling so team biomechanists and analysts can drive innovation. We need someone who loves autonomy, can tackle large problems, and is looking to grow with us.

We need a senior biomechanist.


We have none.

Fine, we have a few.

An ideal candidate would have experience building tools and models in Python. They would have evidence of driving innovation and likely would have written about it.

Other than that, we welcome those with a variety of experiences and backgrounds.

In fact, rather than looking backwards, see if you are a fit by checking out your ideal one-year review.


Over the past year, you’ve become our trusted partner. Your commitment to our mission, your comfort with ambiguity, and your bias towards action is apparent every day.

First and foremost, you represent Reboot to our partner teams in both the quality of your work and your character. Every MLB club and NBA team you work with sees you as an extension of their team, which makes their lives 10x better.

On top of that, you have built new tools teams rely on, helped us expand into new sports, and led expansion into new markets.

Specifically, you:

  1. Actively improved our Biomechanics as a Service product by listening to customers, learning from coaches, and talking with the rest of Reboot. Your insights allow us to make our product more actionable because you understand what organizations need to make players better.
  2. Brought us into new markets. You were integral in developing our training reports, helping us link the weight room to the field.
  3. Aided in the development of our own machine learning models for single camera motion capture.
  4. Played an integral role in our market leading position in Major League Baseball, the NBA, and soon enough the NFL.
  5. Built your personal brand. Reboot is a company built on trust. Our partners NEED to know that we are not only leaders in sports biomechanics, but are also constantly improving. You embody our “always learning” culture, and you share the view with the public.

Because of your work, Reboot Motion is moving towards its current goal of enabling pro-organizations to excel in biomechanics at scale…and its long term mission of helping others help athletes move better.

Congratulations on an outstanding first year with Reboot!


The Startup Benefits:

  1. Responsibility. Our goals are big…so are our problems.
  2. Growth. We are just over 2 years in and are already working with the world’s best athletes. We have tons of space to move vertically in baseball and horizontally across sports. This growth makes our profit-sharing more valuable every year and creates endless opportunities for new roles.
  3. Flexibility. Our team works from anywhere and enjoys unlimited PTO and sick leave.
  4. An environment to do great work. Read more about our culture goals here.

The Profitable, Boot-Strapped Benefits:

  1. Competitive compensation - check out how we think about comp.
  2. Annual profit sharing - check out how we split the pie.
  3. Financial peace of mind. We provide health insurance and 401(k) plans (with a match). While the work should change daily…your financial situation should not.


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